Our engineering design team has developed countless embedded microcontroller products for various industries.

We are continuously researching and testing new microcontrollers and sensors to stay on top of the best technology solutions.

With our extensive library of embedded firmware for various microcontrollers and sensors we can create new systems quickly.

We're continually improving our own development prototyping platforms to reduce the time it takes us to bring products to market.

Wireless Communications

We're investing time and resources into wireless communications technology to continuously improve our expertise in this area and further reduce our development time. We've currently completed a common wireless platform that allows us to drop in different wireless modulation topologies without changing our base hardware.

Our current list of wireless technologies includes WiFi®, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee®, 900 (Mhz), Bluetooth®, cellular 4G LTE Cat-1, cellular 4G LTE M-1 and LoRaWAN™

Battery Management

Similar to the wireless technology we're also investing resources into testing various battery technologies and management circuits.

In addition to researching and testing new batteries we're focused on optimizing our microcontroller selection and firmware to extend battery life.

Embedded Systems

All of our systems wether hardware or software are designed with testing and validation in mind early. It is imperative that a product functionality is completely verifiable at the end of the development process and production testable before it goes out the door.

We're continually updating our portfolio of embedded technologies from microcontrollers to sensors to the tools we use. This allows us to keep pace with industry best practices.


Engineering development

Throughout our product development process we've created a set of low cost automated tools to aid engineers during the development process and improve design validation time. These tools allow us to iterate through a design efficiently and perform complete regression testing quickly improving quality and reducing overall design time.

Manufacturing Final Test

It is important to fully test a product as it comes off the production line quickly until you've reached the six-sigma process level.

The tools that we use during development naturally transition to production testing with minor adjustments.


IoT System App

Software is a major component of any IoT system defining much of the end product functionality. Not to mention the user experience. It is this user experience that is critical to perceived quality of any product.

UX design is an area we put a significant amount of time into. We're focused on the entire product experience which includes usability, function, design and branding.

UI Rapid Prototyping

UI design is a very iterative process with a lot of feedback from potential users needed. To create app software quickly we've adopted a rapid prototyping methodology where we create a near full mock-up of the UI before we finish integration with other system components. This has the added benefit of flushing out the system requirements quickly because the user interaction is where a significant part of the functionality of the system is defined.

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