• 10W 5V power supply

• 7.5Vdc to 36Vdc input range

• Independent power monitoring

• Auxiliary Power Bus


This Made Systems 10W Power Module is a multi-output power supply module designed to provide 5V at up to 10 watts of power to a Raspberry Pi ® and other add-on modules via the stackable Made Auxilary Power bus. It also includes independent voltage and current monitoring.

The power supply is our PWRS17227-10W-5V-DCJ which provides two separate output voltages including 5V and whatever the input voltage is. There is plenty of power to supply a Raspberry Pi® 3 model B with all the ports full plus extra for other add-on modules. The second output voltage is handy for other circuit needs that require a higher voltage level, like 12V or 24V. The input and this third output can handle up to 36Vdc. Only one AC Adaptor is needed to provide all the power needs.

This module also provides current and voltage measurements for each output tap independently. There is a TI INA226 Current and Power Monitor IC for each power port. These are connected to the I2C interface bus as defined by the Raspberry Pi® GPIO header.

Example software can be found in the Resources page.

A Made-Systems Auxiliary Power Bus is provided to separate power to additional add-on modules instead of using the GPIO header power provided. This also provides a second voltage equal to the input voltage reducing the need for additional power sources for add-on modules that may require higer voltages.

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