•   Raspian Stretch Lite image

•   8 GByte micro-SD card

•   Serial console enabled

•   SPI & I2C ports enabled

•   U.S. generic 101 style keyboard

•   Nodejs v9.0.3 and NPM installed

•   PM2 nodejs process manager installed

•   MADE sysled app installed

•   MADE pwrmon app installed


The SIMG18001-3/ZW is an 8 GByte micro SD card preloaded with a preconfigured image of the Raspian® Stretch Lite OS.

Preconfiguration includes modified settings from the original Raspian Lite image. These changes include the following:

•   Enabled serial console

•   SPI & I2C ports enabled

•   U.S. generic 101 style keyboard

In addition to the configuration setting modifications there are a few added apps to operate the Made Systems modules. These apps run in the nodejs environment which is also preloaded.

•   nodejs v9.0.3 & npm

•   Proftpd

•   MADE sysled app (designed for all MADE modules)

•   MADE pwrmon app (designed for PWRM17225 module)

The "sysled" app is a nodejs app that continuously pulses the "System LED" on the Made Systems modules. This app also includes a websocket server and a client web app to change the settings of the LED and implement a special flash code to help identify a particular SBC system.

The "pwrmon" app is a nodejs app that continually monitors the voltage and current of each power port on the Made Systems PWRM17225 module. This also includes a client front-end that reports the status of each power port.

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